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May 8, 2013
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Stormpowder - Prologue (the FiMfic thing starts) by FunnyFany Stormpowder - Prologue (the FiMfic thing starts) by FunnyFany
Prologue - Misery Business

Wherever one goes, whichever great civilization one lives in or visits, one will find poverty. It’s something that seems inevitably inherent to the developing society; the tragic paradox which shows that a nation only grows if there are those who will pay for it – because in the end, everything has a price.

But sometimes that price is too great. And the victims of such injustice are forced to live in a situation of extreme misery from which seems there to be no exit. Some of them just sink in an ocean of craze and despair, crawling through the filthiest and darkest places and vices. This, however, permeates into their veins and bones like a burning poison that kills their spirits, numbs their minds and dissolves their souls until the only thing that remains is a living carcass, wandering, just waiting for the death to come.

And as that green pegasus trotted down the empty streets of Cloudsdale’s suburbs, this was exactly what she expected to find: somepony with nothing to lose; senseless, soulless. Someone who would willingly help her with her somber plans.

She expected so. But hoped not.

Surprisingly enough, it was not her who found her aim, but her aim came to her.

“Hey, ya! Are you lost, ma’am?” Asked a hoarse, yet sharp voice from behind her. “You don’t look quite like somepony who walks through these dangerous clouds at night.” A flash of lightning came from beneath the heavy cloud the pegasus stood on, followed by a low rumble that sounded somewhat like a G-minor chord. The mare turned to face the voice’s owner, expecting to see some shifty pony, and smiled as she saw a semi-feline form instead.

“Here’s who I came to meet! Good evening, Gilda Griffon. Wow, you look terrible.”

Indeed, there was no pleasure on seeing a creature made to be the master of the wild skies in such a sad situation: the feathers in her chest and head were messy, many of them just loose and waiting for a weak breeze to blow them away; the hawk wings, some hues darker than her dirty coat, looked like they haven’t been cleaned for a long time. Her slim, apparently weak body carried maybe less than half the weight it was supposed to have.

What made the pony grin, though, was the piercing, threatening look the griffon gave her with vivid yellow eyes. Its shine held something special, perhaps just a shade of the pride and glory it may have had some day; in other conditions, maybe, that gaze could look beautiful.

The pair of yellow eyes narrowed. “Do I know you?”

“Actually, you don’t. And I don’t know much about you either, but I do know we have some interests in common.” The blonde-maned pegasus walked closer to Gilda.

“Like what?” The griffon asked with a bored look while scratched the back of her neck with her claw. But the pony changed the subject abruptly.

“Do you like games? I know a very exciting one.”

Gilda raised an eyebrow, confused. “What?”

“It’s simple, listen. I’ll say a word, and you must say the first word that comes to mind. Ready?”

“Uh? No, I-”

“There we go: ‘clouds’.”

“I don’t know what’s goin’ on, but-”

“Please, just say one word. Try again: ‘clouds’.” The mare repeated. Gilda frowned.

“Is this a joke or what? ‘Cause if-”

“You will understand. ‘Clouds’.”

That pony wouldn’t stop, she was crazy. Gilda sighed and said, “Rain. But-”

“Goose.” The mare continued, her face with a simple smile.

“Food. Could you just-”


Gilda looked at one side, frustrated. She closed her eyes and replied, “Blue.”


The griffon’s eyes snapped open in shock and she instantly looked back at the pegasus, who had held the smile and just raised an eyebrow. She blinked once, twice and said the second thing that came to her mind, though it sounded slightly out of context. “Crash.”

“Don’t you mean… ‘Dash’?” The pony corrected, and Gilda grinded her beak. She stared confused at the orange eyes that looked bright and harmless, but hid a soul of deviousness.

“Who are you?” The griffon finally asked, which made the mare’s smile grow.

“I’m Lightning Dust. And I believe you would like to hear my proposal.”


G-minor? Seriously?

Welcome to Equestria, a magical place where flying horses and half lion, half eagle creatures can walk on dangerously charged rain clouds without dying with an electric shock. #BucktheLogicAway

It has begun. My own fanfic/headcanon story grew stronger and darker. There will be romance. Evil plans. Vengeance. Fluttershy's own side story. OCs. EXPLOSIONS!!! Really, if you want to have a slight idea of how it's gonna be, watch this MV [link]. About 13.2% of the fanfic was inspired on 3/8 of it. Calculate it. (WHAT.)

"But what do Gilda and Lightning Dust have to do with that dramatic RariLane kiss you've posted ages ago?" A lot. You'll see.

However, I must let it clear that the FiMfic is not the priority here, it's only a small part of my art work. (that's why the deviation is in "Digital Art" instead of "Literature".) I'm uploading it because some people liked my previous "oneshot" thing and asked for more - actually this is one of the main reasons for me to write it, as well as improving my English skills. As you may know, I'm Brazilian, and my primary education in English was not the best; right now I'm studying to make a FCE (Cambridge's First Certificate of English) test. So don't expect it to be the masterpiece of all the shipfics. (Gosh, I'm writing a shipfic. What has this fandom done to me?)

If you see any typos or grammar mistakes, please tell me.

-About the artwork-

I've wanted to do more lineless paintings since when I saw some semi-realistic art around the fandom. This was not quite lineless (semi realistic either), but still; I was just trying new things. The result was something I usually call a failure, but I liked the soft shadding and the lightning thing in the cloud.


Goodness, I REALLY DO like writing. HY-UGE description.


MLP:FiM and related characters belong to Hasbro, as if someone still didn't know that.
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adrian98-12 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
I'm sorry that they do not embrace what I wrote, but I know little English and kożysta a translator to post a comment.
adrian98-12 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
yet one does not pay attention to the red mouth I put it by accident.
adrian98-12 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
What Gilda could at this point say.

(a) - Do you want to fuck up!
(b) - chase across the sky?
(c) - just as soon as Rainbow Dash you also know her?

Please answer this question, thank you for your attention.
FunnyFany Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
actually, a mix of A and C:

(d) - Heck, I don't even know you, but you damn sexy so- Ahem, I mean, RD? What about her?

srsly Gilda, WTF.
muzzafuzz Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
everything about this is great!!! but the one thing that stood out to me was GILDA. GILDA IN THIS PICTURE. you did an excellent job! perfect expression, angle, augh it's perfection. the story is amazing as well & I love the thought of Lightning Dust & Gilda meeting.
FunnyFany Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Thank you so much <3
CeldurDanel Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
Founders of (Hate) Rainbow Crash Club
FunnyFany Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
Seems legit. But what about those guys from 'Sonic Rainboom'?
CeldurDanel Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
I remember that at the end of the episode they joined (Admire/Love) Rainbow Dash Club... right?
FunnyFany Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
I dunno LOL, only watched it once.
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